Request a Kit

All workers deserve to be safe. Each request placed will be for one kit. If you and a group of your co-workers, roommates, or family members are seeking kits please email us to make sure we can fulfill your request.

This is a grassroots organizing body. We have partnered in the past with Raha Syracuse, Syracuse BLM, Sankofa Cooperative Cafe, and Northside CYO to distribute our last round of kits and as we are taking individual orders we will make sure to keep folks updated on when the kits are completed and deliveries can be expected. 

If you need a kit and also want to be involved in the process use our contact info to reach out!


Disclaimer: None of the information and/or equipment provided in these kits and/or on this website should be seen as a substitute to consulting a health care provider for advice on safe coronavirus practices. As new information is released daily and weekly please consult a doctor or health care provider for current coronavirus information and safety standards.